Why hire J4K Cleaning:

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service for your office building offers several advantages.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity:
  2. Reduced Spread of Disease – Fewer Sick Days:
  3. Better First Impression for Customers and Visitors:
  4. Less Hassle:
  5. Accommodates Your Business Schedule:
    • Commercial cleaning services can work around your office hours, minimizing disruptions.

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Importance of quality inspections!

Janitorial inspections play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the quality of cleaning services. Here at J4K Cleaning we use CleanGuru software for our inspections. Here is why inspections are essential:

Continuous evaluation. Cleaning inspections serve as a fundamental tool for assessing services and communicating with customers. Inspections establish a baseline to measure service improvement. By identifying issues early, you can address them before clients even notice.

Standards. Establish clear measurement standards for inspections.

Technology. Real-time data is invaluable. Our software allows customization based on facility needs.

Janitorial inspections not only protect properties but also helps prevent small issues from escalating into larger problems. They contribute to efficient operations and a culture of quality control.

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Janitorial Services

Can janitorial services be customized to fit specific cleaning needs?

Yes, J4K Cleaning offers customizable cleaning packages to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. Whether you require daily cleaning, periodic deep cleaning, or specialized services for certain areas, discussing your requirements with the service provider can help tailor a cleaning plan that best suits your needs.

J4K Cleaning

Importance of Maintaining Clean and Sanitary Environments

Health and Safety Benefits of Clean Environments

A clean environment is more than just visually appealing; it’s also essential for maintaining good health and safety. Regular cleaning minimizes the presence of germs, allergens, and bacteria that can wreak havoc on your well-being. By keeping surfaces clean and sanitized, janitorial services play a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and creating a healthier space for everyone. Contact J4K Cleaning today for a free estimate!

Cleaning and COVID

COVID-19 has become a major health concern throughout the United States and the world, and our team members are facing this pandemic bravely for you. During this uncertain time, J4K Cleaning want their clients to know that they are taking all the necessary precautions and steps to keep them, their businesses, and their customers safe.

We understand that you most likely have concerns about this recent public health situation. J4K Cleaning is always equipped to provide the most effective sanitizing and disinfection techniques using hospital-grade products that are deemed effective against the coronavirus. We pay attention to touch points throughout your facility.

Fight the flu in your facility

The flu has been widespread this year here in Nebraska.  The impact on employers and employees is staggering, and unfortunately, is only expected to grow. With the Centers for Disease Control reporting that a typical flu season costs an estimated $7 billion in sick days and lost productivity, the experts at J4K Cleaning, one of the leading janitorial and healthcare cleaning providers in Lincoln, Ne say the workplace is often “ground zero” for contamination and urges employers to make flu fighting a priority.

But there are things that can be done to help combat the spread of the flu in your workplace.  First, make sure employees are washing their hands frequently.  Encourage employees to stay home if the are sick to avoid spreading it to others in your office.  Use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not an option.

J4K Cleaning will help you prevent the flu by disinfecting touch points often such as door push plates, phones, restroom surfaces, and breakroom surfaces.  We disinfect thoroughly and often using disinfectants like Betco OxyFect G peroxide disinfectant.  This product kills antibiotic resistant organisms – MRSA, CA-MRSA (Community Acquired), and VRE.

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Importance of hiring a professional janitorial company to prevent the spread of infections at the workplace

It’s important to maintain a clean and sanitized environment at your place of business.  Sick employees cost businesses money. A lot of money. Understanding the significant costs of sick workers and how you can prevent illness from sweeping through your office can help save your business money and improve productivity among your employees.  Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company can help reduce the costs to your business.  Regular cleaning and disinfecting of touch points and surfaces can help to prevent the spread of germs at the workplace.  Cleanliness prevents illness. If your office doesn’t have a cleaning staff that regularly dusts, sanitizes, disinfects, empties the trash cans and cleans the office kitchen and restrooms, now is the time to hire J4K Cleaning.  We are here to keep your office clean and healthy!  Here are some statistics on illness in the workplace and the associated costs:

  • $1,685: The average loss in productivity per employee, annually, for missed work.
  • $280: The estimated cost incurred by a business anytime an employee gets a cold, according to Dr. Charles Gerba.
  • 73 percent of employees who reported getting an illness after a coworker went to work sick.
  • 80 to 90 percent: The reduced spread of contagious viruses after proper cleaning is conducted in an office.
  • 400: The average workplace desk can get up to 400 times dirtier than the typical toilet seat.
  • 60: The percentage of employees who eat at their workplace desk.

At J4K Cleaning we know the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy workplace to help keep your employees safe and productive.  Contact us today to learn how we can be your partner to help reduce costs associated with workplace illnesses.  We serve Lincoln, NE and Lancaster county.



Janitorial management software

Here at J4K Cleaning we are always looking for ways to make our cleaning operations more efficient and improve the quality of our cleaning services.  As such we have started to use Spartan Chemical’s Compuclean janitorial management software.

CompuClean® offers solutions for a host of custodial management challenges with the convenience of cloud-based accessibility. Perform quick and effective mobile inspections with the CompuClean Mobile App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android™ devices. Streamline inventory purchasing and tracking to reduce costs and eliminate shortages, take control of labor costs and standardize cleaning and maintenance procedures to gain efficiencies. Enhanced with enterprise level security, complimentary upgrades, free training and data migration assistance, CompuClean is truly the ultimate custodial management tool.

Let us show you how we can use technology to improve cleaning at your facility!


Floor care

Proper floor care is important if you want to maintain the look of your VCT flooring.  This picture is a floor we just burnished to restore the shine and remove minor scratches.  To keep your floors looking bright a regular schedule needs to be put in place.  This of course will depend on the traffic the floor receives.  At J4K Cleaning we perform all VCT care from strip and wax to burnishing.  Putting a program in place to keep your floors looking great will also save money as the need to strip and wax floors will be less frequent.  The following link gives an example of a floor care program: https://pgpro.com/articles/adopting-follow-a-regular-maintenance-schedule/

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20+ years providing commercial janitorial services in Lincoln, NE!

Did you know that J4K Cleaning has been providing commercial janitorial services in the Lincoln, NE area for over 20 years?  We want you to be our customers for life is more than just a slogan!  Many of our customers have been with us well over a decade and in fact we still have our very first customer that we started our business with!  We are your partner providing a clean welcoming space for your employees and customers.  And we provide this service at a fair price!  We provide office cleaning, hard surface floor care and commercial carpet cleaning.  Contact us today to receive a free quote for your commercial cleaning needs and become another of our customers for life!

Importance of keeping your commercial carpets clean!

Replacing commercial carpet is not cheap!  So it is important to protect your investment with regular carpet cleaning.  Often  a business will wait until the carpet looks very dirty to clean their carpet.  waiting too long to clean your carpets can severely lessen the lifespan of this costly asset. Don’t get sucked into thinking you are saving money by putting off regular necessary carpet maintenance.  Properly cleaning a carpet with greater frequency will help it retain its beauty and give it longer life.

How often should you clean your commercial carpet?  This depends on a number of factors.  How much foot traffic does your carpet see, and what type?  How old is your carpet?  Also remember that carpet acts as a filter, It traps all sorts of pathogens, toxins, bio pollutants and volatile organic compounds from recirculation to the air.  Regular cleaning will flush these pollutants out and improve indoor air quality.

We use two methods for carpet cleaning, encapsulation and hot water extraction.  Both produce excellent results.  Contact us today and we can provide you with a regular program of carpet cleaning based on your facilities needs.  Care for your carpet and it will protect your investment!




The value of clean

J4K Cleaning can help you to improve your bottom line by providing you with a clean facility.  Commercial cleaning services are an investment in health and productivity as show in this ISSA infographic.  Investing in a professional cleaning service will help reduce employee sick days.

The Value of Clean

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service Company Lincoln Lancaster County NE

For making a strong impression in the minds of customers, an office should be maintained in a spic and span clean condition. J4K Cleaning is a reliable janitorial cleaning service company with a stellar reputation that offers Janitorial Services, Hard Surface Floor Care Strip and Wax Services, Custodial Cleaning Service, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Industrial Plant Cleaning, Medical Facility Cleaning, Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning, Commercial Office Cleaning Services including Commercial Building Maintenance Services in Lincoln Lancaster County NE.

J4K Cleaning Company – Offering Service That’s Class Apart


Lincoln Lancaster County Commercial Cleaning Service Company

J4K Cleaning is a professional janitorial service company located in Lincoln, proudly servicing Lancaster County NE. We offer wall-to-wall janitorial services for small and mid-sized commercial companies and large corporations too.

Being a professional janitorial cleaning service company, we offer an unrivaled quality of janitorial service in Lincoln, NE for commercial buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, etc. Customers value us for our work quality and tailor-made commercial office cleaning programs. Our janitorial service cleaning packages are designed in a way to suit the requirements of our clients. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, daily and nightly office cleaning service, or on a monthly basis. In addition we are available for one time cleans.


Why Choose J4K Cleaning Janitorial Service Provider?

Being a local commercial office cleaning company, we offer Janitorial Services, Floor Care Strip and Wax Services, Custodial Cleaning Service, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Industrial Cleaning, Medical Facility Cleaning, Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning including Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Lincoln Lancaster County NE. to various organizations. Customers can choose from our various cleaning programs according to their requirement.

  • Customer Satisfaction: J4K Cleaning is a customer-oriented company and customer delight is the main motto of our Company. We go to any length to serve and keep our customers happy with our services. Carpet cleaning, VCT hard surface cleaning are some of the services we provide our customers with.
  • Expertise: We have a team of highly skilled cleaners who have the expertise in providing unmatched quality services to the various facilities such as restaurants, medical facilities, offices and much more.
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We proudly use Green Seal certified products

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