Importance of keeping your commercial carpets clean!

Replacing commercial carpet is not cheap!  So it is important to protect your investment with regular carpet cleaning.  Often  a business will wait until the carpet looks very dirty to clean their carpet.  waiting too long to clean your carpets can severely lessen the lifespan of this costly asset. Don’t get sucked into thinking you are saving money by putting off regular necessary carpet maintenance.  Properly cleaning a carpet with greater frequency will help it retain its beauty and give it longer life.

How often should you clean your commercial carpet?  This depends on a number of factors.  How much foot traffic does your carpet see, and what type?  How old is your carpet?  Also remember that carpet acts as a filter, It traps all sorts of pathogens, toxins, bio pollutants and volatile organic compounds from recirculation to the air.  Regular cleaning will flush these pollutants out and improve indoor air quality.

We use two methods for carpet cleaning, encapsulation and hot water extraction.  Both produce excellent results.  Contact us today and we can provide you with a regular program of carpet cleaning based on your facilities needs.  Care for your carpet and it will protect your investment!

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