Importance of hiring a professional janitorial company to prevent the spread of infections at the workplace

It’s important to maintain a clean and sanitized environment at your place of business.  Sick employees cost businesses money. A lot of money. Understanding the significant costs of sick workers and how you can prevent illness from sweeping through your office can help save your business money and improve productivity among your employees.  Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company can help reduce the costs to your business.  Regular cleaning and disinfecting of touch points and surfaces can help to prevent the spread of germs at the workplace.  Cleanliness prevents illness. If your office doesn’t have a cleaning staff that regularly dusts, sanitizes, disinfects, empties the trash cans and cleans the office kitchen and restrooms, now is the time to hire J4K Cleaning.  We are here to keep your office clean and healthy!  Here are some statistics on illness in the workplace and the associated costs:

  • $1,685: The average loss in productivity per employee, annually, for missed work.
  • $280: The estimated cost incurred by a business anytime an employee gets a cold, according to Dr. Charles Gerba.
  • 73 percent of employees who reported getting an illness after a coworker went to work sick.
  • 80 to 90 percent: The reduced spread of contagious viruses after proper cleaning is conducted in an office.
  • 400: The average workplace desk can get up to 400 times dirtier than the typical toilet seat.
  • 60: The percentage of employees who eat at their workplace desk.

At J4K Cleaning we know the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy workplace to help keep your employees safe and productive.  Contact us today to learn how we can be your partner to help reduce costs associated with workplace illnesses.  We serve Lincoln, NE and Lancaster county.


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